Clio Integration

If you are currently using Clio to manage your firm's cases, organize contacts, and automate documents, can work with Clio and provides a seamless integration so you can import case/matter information from Clio into and upload completed PDFs from to a client's folder in Clio.

Enable Clio in This step is required so can show Clio's client and case information and to upload PDFs to your clients' folders in Clio.

On the main menu click "Management" to access the management page and select "Integrations" from the menu along the left side of the page.

Clio - Clio Integration

Click "Clio Integration" to proceed enabling the Clio Integration with, which shows the Clio Integration page.

Clio - Clio Integration

Click "Start Clio Integration" to continue. You will be prompted by Clio to authorize access to Clio (see Connecting To Clio).

Once authorized, the "Clio Configuration Settings" page is shown, where you can complete the Clio Integration.