Upload PDF To Clio

Once the Clio integration is enabled, you can upload document PDFs to Clio, into the client's folder in Clio.

When you open any document in, the main page offers he ability to upload a PDF to Clio.

Clio - Clio Integration

By clicking the "Upload PDF To Clio" button, connects to Clio and you may be prompted by Clio to authorize the connection (see Connecting To Clio). Once authorized, the following page is shown:

Clio - Clio Integration

If no client has been selected yet (shown on the line labeled "Client"), you can select the client matter and client in Clio, for whom this document is to be uploaded, by clicking the "Select Client Matter in Clio" button. Select the client in the popup shown. Once completed, the client information is shown on the page:

Clio - Clio Integration

Once the client has been selected, click "Upload" and the PDF is uploaded to the client's folder.